Top 10 Craziest Prisoners Escape of All Time


Craziest Prisoners Escape of All Time!!

#1: Dental floss escape:

Vincenzo current CEO was a convicted murderer and a member of the Sicilian Mafia that was about to face prosecution. On March 17th, 2003 escapes from his cell in Turin, Italy by soaring through the bars using only a piece of dental floss. Being built in 1970 the prison was designed to handle outside attacks rather than escape so just with dental floss and some patients he was able to slowly cut through the cheap metal. After escaping his cell could see all went old school by tying some bed sheets together in climbed out a window down to freedom like Rapunzel.

#2: Master crafters escape:

On January third, nineteen ninety-five three inmates escaped from Britain’s partners prison using tools that they built the institutions walls. In the prison sheet metal shop, the trio managed to not only build the latter long enough to scale the fences but also managed to fashion a working gun and a master key. The master key itself, however, was the most impressive as reports claim that the inmates crafted it from memory after seeing the officers keep. After hiding it in the prison gym until nobody was around They simply walked out the back door, cut a hole in her fans and then scaled the outer wall with the latter. The plane was full truth except that upon escaping the discovered that they were on an island in had nowhere to go.

#3: Mother truckers escape:

On April eleventh of 1998, J Singler in his eight-year of the 20-year sentence he was serving at the everglades Correctional Institution in Florida was in the courtyard waiting for visitors to arrive. They arrived in the form of a Mack truck smashing through for prison fences before its occupant then opened fire with shotguns against the facility security teams, another car followed closely behind the truck driven by his own mother Sandra. After jumping in his mom’s car him switching cars twice to throw up his pursuers, the entire crew and got away for a bit that is until they were recognized from the news which resulted in a car chase and a subsequent car crash after which they were all arrested and not long after Sandra’s Engler testified against her son to reduce her sentence.

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#4: Great Escape:

Still led love to the third was a German prisoner of war camp that held enemy air core servicemen during world war two and was deemed inescapable. Roger Bush well hashed an escape plan with over 600 other prisoners. After digging three separate tunnels each nine meters deep to avoid setting off the seismograph microphones along defenses, they finally launched the plan and on march 24th 1944, the Great Escape began out of two hundred men only 76 actually made it and all but three were recaptured. In fact, roger Bush well and 49 other escapees were then executed on orders from Adolf Hitler himself.

#5: Helicopter ESCAPE:

Just after barely starting his 30-year sentence, convict pastel palette made a daring plan to escape from lunette prison in France. On October 12, 2001, upgrade hijacked the helicopter and landed in the prison courtyard where palette simply hopped on influence and unbelievably heat got away. Unfortunately, he tested his luck by actually returning just two years later to break out three other inmates and all of them were recaptured. However, if that was crazy enough for you in an unbelievable twist in 2007 four masked men hijacked yet another helicopter and once again it was broken out of prison and, of course, he was once again recaptured just shortly after this time locked away in a secret location with no contact to the outside the world.

#6: Texas seven escape:

On December 13, 2007, prisoners escaped from theJohn B Connally unit, a maximum security prison in Texas. They managed to overpower in restraints sixteen people including officers civilian maintenance workers and inmates not even on their plan.Dressed as civilians three of the prisoners subdued unsuspecting guards while the remaining four made phone calls to the guard towers to distract them from watching the gates.Stealing away prison van and easily opening the rear gate the Texan 7 made their daring escape but as we’ve learned people like to test the luck in just two weeks. After the seven men robbed a sporting goods store killing a police officer which got the national attention on America’s Most Wanted after which they were quickly apprehended in NRV in a park in Colorado.

#7: Italian escape:

Antonio Ferreira andItalian-born explosives expert and bank Rober was serving an eight-year sentence jail.on March 12, 2003, six men in police uniforms pulled up in three pic cruisers and opened fire on the prison gates with AK forty sevens and rocket-powered grenade launchers.Ferreira used the stick of dynamite, a guard had slipped him to blow over his cell door and ran through the now destroyed gates to the chaos outside. Ferreira escaped in the police cars using fires that the attackers had previously set as distractions for emergency responders.An incredible seen any Jack Bauer fan would have been proud of except the just four months later an undercover sting brought down every member of the attack.

#8: Death camp escape:

On October 14, 1943, a group of prisoners killed 11 German officers inside a Nazi prisoner camp under the cover of night. Restraining the inner guards in emptying the camps armory the group plan to take over all of the officers in a scheme with all six hundred prisoners.Unfortunately, t he remaining German officers found the bodies of the fallen Nazis and opened fire on you lose prisoners who had to make a run for the woods, Nearly 300 people did escape the rest being claimed by gunfire or the minefield.

#9: Frank Abagnale prison Inspector escape:

Sentenced to 12 years for multiple forgeries, Frank Abagnale junior was being transferred from the Federal Detention Center in Atlanta Georgia doorway trial.When he became aware that the US Marshall escorting him had actually forgotten the detention commitment papers. Knowing that this was highly irregular the con man and use this slip up to convince the guard that he was an undercover inspector investigating the facility for the FBI. Unbelievably the guards actually let frank walk right out the front door to meet with an Asian aka his criminal friend with whom he sped off into the night escape.

#10: Alcatraz escape:

On June eleventh nineteen sixty-two three prisoners, Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank Morris escape the world’s most famous inescapable prison, Alcatraz. After using dummies of themselves to convince the guards that they were still in their beds, they crawled out of tunnels in their cells that they had been dating for a year with only spoons. After sneaking up on you service corridor they climbed up a ventilation shaft to the roof and then scaled the fence to reach the island’s edge. Finally, the Chartered across the icy Pacific waters to freedom using a raft that they had made out of raincoat and contact cement. However no evidence of them either successfully reaching the shore or drowning this making it a hot topic of debate for decades.


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