Top 10 Best Kickstarter Crowdfunded Drones


Best Kickstarter Crowdfunded Drones

01 AirDog This copter flies independently and follows you, tracking a Bluetooth wristband accessory. It’s ideal for getting those shots of you in action without having to bother with manual controls. £1,135 | $1,600 |
02 Hexo+ This six-propeller drone also can follow you and film you automatically, but it links to your phone’s GPS rather than a wristband. £710 | $1,000 |
03 Micro Drone 3.0 If you find most drones a little too bulky for your tastes, give the Micro Drone 3.0 a look: despite its small size (145mm across) it’s capable of streaming HD video to your phone. £150 | $215 |
04 Fleye This promises “a whole new kind of drone”, and it certainly does look different: it’s designed to be safer, more robust and easier to use than most other devices on the market. £1,010 | $1,420 |
05 FreeBird Flight Safety, stability and weatherproofing are the key features of the FreeBird Flight that might persuade you to pick it over the alternatives – though it’s not going to come cheap. £2,840 | $4,000 |
06 X PlusOne This is a premium-level quadcopter with the ability to combine high speed flying performance with excellent hovering capabilities, with a top speed in the region of 60mph. It’s designed to be relatively easy to fly, too, with self-stabilising abilities. £1,200 | $1,700 |
07 CyPhy LVL1 This drone doesn’t have one special feature to make it stand out: it’s just a great all-rounder. The flight control and programming options are a particular strong point, though. £530 | $750 |
08 Sprite, The unusual-looking Sprite, wants to be the drone of choice for professional photographers and film-makers and its creators have focused on maximizing portability and durability. £600 | $850 |
09 Ghost Drone 2.0 Aerial The Ghost Drone packs together a pile of features – auto-follow, water resistance, tilt controls on your smartphone – into an appealing and modern-looking drone design. £570 | $800 |
10 TobyRich Vegas Something a little different: plane-style drones that you can control with your smartphone and use augmented reality to give you access to a variety of gaming experiences. £145 | $180 |

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