Top 10 Real Psychic Abilities Humans Have


10 Psychic Abilities People May Actually Have!


In the late 1700s, Austrian Physician Franz Mesmer developed a form of forced meditation he believed connected both the user of the ability and their patient. He called this mystical link animal magnetism. When put into a trance-like state, the patient is said to be easily influenced by suggestions of the hypnotist. The actual act of hypnosis is named after Dr. Mesmer, which is why we call is mesmerize. Many physicians use different variations of hypnosis to treat people. Many of them backing up these actions with scientific data that it does, in fact, work.

Astral projection

Imagine being able to leave your body and travel through your home or wherever you fall asleep into seeing and hearing things well out of your physical range. Well, that’s astral projection, and it’s been demonstrated by some people and has been said too often happen accidentally, especially during stressful rest periods such as having surgery and being under anesthetic. Doctors have reported having patients being aware of conversations that they had completely outside of the operating room. According to Jerry Gross, a noted practitioner of astral projection, this power is not one people are born with, but one that they can develop through practice.

Enhanced vision

Bashful people beware. While many people are suffering from either nearsightedness or farsightedness, some people have visions so incredible that they can’t be limited by any one obstacle, including skin. Enhanced vision is an ability that does just what the name implies. It gives the individual uncanny sight that’s beyond what science can fully explain. One person who’s proven to have this ability is a Russian woman named Natasha Demkina who, at only ten years old, could see inside a person’s body. She could even describe and locate ulcers, bone scars, and even organs. This power has led to her having the moniker the girl with the X-ray eyes.

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The power that’s received, probably, the most scrutiny because of some fake practitioners is channeling, which involves allowing another spirit to enter the psychic, which is called a medium, and control their body, their hands, their face and their vocal chords. Often, when a spirit enters an individual, the medium becomes unconscious, unaware of what the spirit is doing or saying. One of the most famous mediums in the world is George Anderson, who spent decades communicating with dead loved ones grieving families to help bring them closure. Anderson holds the title of the most scientifically tested medium of the century. In fact, he was the only medium that was ever invited to Holland by the Holocaust-surviving family of Anne Frank.


This ability gives new meaning to the idea of pulling a fact out of thin air. Clairvoyance is known as a sixth sense and entirely non-physical. Some clairvoyants can gain information about a particular location or event simply by thinking about it, while others get their information involuntarily, having sudden visions of locations. The first person ever documented to have this ability was a dull-witted peasant named Victor Race who, in 1784, was witnessed by medical professionals entering a trance and coming out of it suddenly articulate. He had completely altered his personality with information about other locations that he had never visited.


The ultimate method for passing a note in class, telepathy is the ability to transfer a message, image or information from one person to another using only the mind. The word telepathy comes from the Greek word tele meaning distant and pathos meaning feeling or experience. A fantastic example of people documenting this incredible power happened just recently. On March 28, 2014, Dr. Michel Berg was in northeastern France, while over 7,400 kilometers away Dr. Alejandro Riera was in Kerala, India, both men performed one experiment, sending an intercontinental communication without using any form of communication outside of their brains. According to multiple scientists involved in the experiment, each of the men was able to successfully send one word to each other

Psychic Surgery

Why have expensive operations when a psychic can simply pull that nasty tumor right out of your body? Psychic surgeons are world-famous for their ability to reach right into the human body and remove anything that’s not supposed to be there. Mostly found in Brazil and the Philippines, people with these talents tend to have a strong connection to the spirit world and, through that, they are not entering the body in any capacity. Their abilities have been said to have an incredible effect on many who have believed in them. One such surgeon, a Brazilian native who calls himself John of God has been healing people since 1958. The difference between him and other psychic surgeons? After he performs the operation, scars can be found inside the body via X-rays.

Psychokinetic abilities

Psychokinesis, also called telekinesis, is the power of physical manipulation over matter. With this ability, a psychic can reach out with their mind and move objects without actually touching them. Matthew Manning, a British author, and healer, is one of the world’s most well-known psychokinetics, and although he’s faced skepticism from the scientific community, many of the abilities he’s demonstrated cannot be explained. After testing Manning in the late 1970s, psychologist William Braud of the Mind Science Foundation concluded that the results were better than chance.


If you want to know your family history or who owned an antique coffee table before you did, you’d ask a grandparent or maybe Google it, but if you had the gift of psychometry, all you would have to do is come in contact with the table. Psychometry is the ability to read an object or person’s history by simply placing a hand on them. One of the most famous psychometrists is Stefan Ossowiecki. He’s a psychic from Russia, who stunned thousands of people when he took on a test that was set up by a wealthy Hungarian man named DionizyJonky. After simply holding a sealed envelope, Stefan correctly identified its contents and identified the fact that the man had been guarding the envelope for up to eight years.


When people hear that someone is psychic, they usually believe the individual possesses the power to describe events that are yet to occur. Well, those who practice recognition are often referred to as precogs and have the ability to sense the future of a person, animal or object through either touch or description. Sometimes a focus item is required, such as a jewel, a bowl of liquid or a classic crystal ball. Precogs have been known to receive not only visions of the future but steps that must be taken to either ensure that it happens or if it’s a foreboding warning, how to stop it. One of the most famous documented cases of precognition happened in 1912 when multiple people came forward with visions that the Titanic was going to sink before the ship sank.


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