Top Ten Most Bizarre Cults That Exist



  1. Nuwaubianism

The Nuwaubians originated as a black Muslim group in New York City back in the 1970s, founded by Dwight York. Some beliefs held by this religion include, and get ready for this; aborted fetuses are living in the sewers who plan on taking over the world. Another is that Satan has a child that was born in New York City, the mother of which is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Of course, the Pope was present at birth, and Richard Nixon raised the child. They also believed that aliens are coming at some point to take the 144,000 chosen people away in a flying saucer.But as if that wasn’t enough, the leader, Dwight York, got busted for racketeering, child sex slave trafficking, and child molestation. The group has lost many members since that whole debacle, but ah, not all hope is lost. York will be back out of prison and ready to lead his people into the night sky when his 135-year sentence ends April 2122. 135 years? That’s nothing compared to an eternity of living with the pancake people in the sky.

  1. Prince Phillip Movement

The Kastom people in the Yaohnanen village in the southern island of Tanna, located in the South Pacific, believe that Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh is a divine being. According to ancient tales, the son of a mountain spirit traveled over the seas to a distant land. There, he married a powerful lady, and in time, would return to them. That woman, of course, being Queen Elizabeth II. Now, it’s unclear when this belief first came about but it’s thought to be sometime in the 1950s or 60s, and the belief was only strengthened when the royal couple visited them in 1974. Perhaps the funniest thing is that at the time, Prince Phillip had no idea about this cult, but has since been informed, and has sent them a portrait of himself

  1. Church of Euthanasia.

The Church of Euthanasia is an organization that was started by Chris Korda in 1992 and is devoted to eliminating or at least controlling the growing population of the world. The one single commandment that they hold is “Thou shalt not procreate.” In other words, no boning. On top of this lunacy, there are also the Four Principle Pillars of the Church, which are suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy. The group is still federally recognized in America as a non-profit educational foundation.

Founded in 1971 by American Jimmy T. Roberts, the Brethren exists as a radical group that believes that the only way to prepare for the inevitable end of the world is to purify yourself by giving up all modern comforts and conveniences. You’re only allowed to work odd-end jobs as a means to survive, you have to cut off all ties with the outside world, and on top of this, members are not allowed to celebrate by any means. That includes singing and dancing.

  1. Cosmic People of Light Powers

The Cosmic People of Light Powers is a Czech cult that believes in an alien named AshtarSheran. The group was founded in the 1990s by Ivo A. Benda. According to Benda, extraterrestrial civilizations operate a fleet of spaceships led by the Ashtar Galactic Command, who are orbiting the earth right now. They closely watch us and are waiting to transport their followers to another dimension. Members of the movement completely distrust modern technologies, as well as currency. They also consider mass media to be a tool of oppression and manipulation and believe in many different variations of extraterrestrials including that lizard these people are whacked.

  1. Scientology

The Church of Scientology is a cult created by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952, as an outgrowth of his self-help system called Dianetics. The church keeps many of its teachings a secret, stating that mystical teachings may be harmful to unprepared readers. .According to Hubbard, in Scientology scriptures, 75 million years ago, an alien dictator named Xenu brought billions of humans to earth and killed them by placing them in volcanoes while simultaneously detonating bombs. This released “Thetans” which stuck to living humans and are said to live today still and exist as members, spirits or souls.

  1. Raelians

The Raelian Church was founded in France in the 1970s by Claude Vorihon, or, as he’s known by his followers, Rael. These followers believe that humans were created by aliens. They also believe that UFOs spawned most religions and that mind transfer is possible, and also that cloning can lead to reincarnation. Real used to be a cabaret singer and a race car driver who met one day with an alien named Yahweh, who told him about the origin of mankind, as well as offered him the service of several futuristic sex robots. This cult has many members, in the tens of thousands, many of whom are women who must sleep with Rael to help with their cloning efforts,

  1. Family International

Family International was started in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California founded by Baptist and Christian pastor Dave Berg. The group currently has practicing members all over the world. Berg has proclaimed himself the last anointed prophet before the end of times, and members believe that they are living in the last days before the anarchist takes over for seven years. Regardless of marital status, the members are encouraged to have as much sex as they please. With each other. Amongst David Berg’s teachings is that heterosexual relations are encouraged as a pure and wonderful wonder of God’s creation. Of course, female bisexuality is encouraged, but homosexuality is a sin.

  1. Creativity Movement

Formerly known as the World’s Church of the Creator, this cult is an organization that advocates a white-only sovereign. Founded in 1973 by Neo-Nazi Ben Claussen in North Carolina, the group rejects all forms of spirituality and religion, and is atheistic, which makes it easy to understand why they changed their name. They believe that white, or Caucasian, is a unique and superior race. This group has been behind many violent hate crimes over the years and has gained national media attention in America. This, of course, includes in 1999, when member Nathaniel Smith went on a racially-motivated shooting spree killing two people and injuring nine others.

  1. Order of the Solar Temple

Luc Jouret, a Belgian religious leader, and Neo-Nazi, reportedly started this group in 1984 in Geneva. They operate as a secret society that claims to be based on the ideals of the Knights Templar, and their members are global, with temples in Quebec, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and the Caribbean. In 1994, a member’s three-year-old son was murdered after his father identified him as the Anti-Christ. What then followed was a mass group suicide of members in locations around the world. Today, the French consider the Order of the Solar Temple to be an active criminal organization.


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