Best and Cheap HDMI to HDMI cables to connect PC to TV (India)


Top and Best HDMI cables to connect PC to TV

Enjoying gaming on big TV is always an excellent experience. HDMI cables are the must for the hassle free experience of gaming on TV. So we made a list of the best HDMI cables for Indians. The HDMI cables below are male to male.

BlueRigger High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet:
Within the budget, this is an excellent cable, which serves your purpose. The quality is also good. Premium Developed with Lastingness The BlueRigger HDMI cables are a premium high-speed cable that’s flexible yet durable. The cable is ultra-thin but long-lasting. With a full metal jacket connector, its structure is such that it provides the cable strength, durability, and resists noise. The BlueRigger HDMI cable was made to support Sound return channel, Ethernet, and 3D content. The cable is ATC (Authorized Testing Centre) certified that can carry all resolutions up to 1440p. By shielding it from any outside noise or physical stress, the PVC outer layer holds the efficiency of the digital signal. Exceptional quality operation its premium ensures The efficient operation of the BlueRigger HDMI cable established. It can provide a diverse selection of resolutions of 480p., 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 480i and 1440p The HDMI cable loaded with the innovative technology continues to be compatible with all the. The cable also includes a restricted lifetime guarantee.
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CLASSYTEK HDMI Cable Male to Male
The product is a high-quality wire which is good and is also has the length of 1.37m. With the Ultra HD The superior 1.4 variation HDMI cable, you love your favorite content on a bigger display with better clarity. The cable was made to support high definition visuals, 3D content and all kinds of audio files. To begin, you only have to plug in the cable tv, including a notebook, set-top box or a computer screen, with any High Definition gadget. You can experience uninterrupted amusement using a screen resolution of up to 1080 pixels, after both the apparatus are linked.
Made to Continue Long, Great for Gaming
As the cable comes protected with numerous layers of soft PVC coat CLASSYTEK, HDMI cable is exceptionally durable. It’s modular construction and a copper cable which helps to remove the pressure from the wire. This protects the cable from becoming damaged. The 1.5m cable readily links from your High Definition gaming apparatus. You may love your favorite game any moment, be it Xbox 360 or PS3, or some other High Definition gaming device for that matter, with the Classytek HDMI cable.

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AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable, 6 Feet
HDMI has become the standard for High Definition digital devices. It combines video and sound into one suitable cable. The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable instantly connects an extensive variety of HDMI apparatus. Use it to plug in a modest cellular telephone, home entertainment, or gaming device to a big screen HDTV, substantial computer monitor, or projector, for instance. With the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable, have excellent playback and trusted performance.

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Belkin F3Y021qe1m High-Speed HDMI Cable
The quality of the cable is undoubtedly the best among all but the product is pricey compared to the rest of the above three products. If you are fan of Belkin than this is your correct pick to buy. The wire supports complete-HD 1080p resolution 3D Compatible 10.2 Gbps high-speed data rate for maximum bandwidth Pure copper conductors preserve signal integrity Perfect For HDTV, Blu-Ray, Set Top and HK Match 1M Cable Lengths From the Producer Unleash the universe of complete High Definition 3D theater-quality pictures at home. HDMI Cables from Belkin are built beyond industry standards to attain peak performance hence optimizing your viewing experience in resolutions of the 1080p level of today.

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